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festivals in khatu shyam temple

Main events in Khatushyamji

As per the trust report, on an average, the temple is visited by 5,000 devotees in a day, 25,000 visitors on Sunday, 1,00,000 visitors on Shukl Paksh , 2,00,000 visitors during Janmotsava and around 1000000 visitors during Fagotsava.

Janamotsav is organised on Kartik Shukl Ekadashi and Fagotsava is organised on Phalgun Shukl Ekadashi. Apart from this many other festivals are organised.

During the major festival Fagotsava celebrated in Khatu, out of 1,000,000 tourists/ pilgrims, around 70% of pilgrims use MDR46 to enter the village from the direction of Reengus, 20% of the total pilgrims from the direction of Manda and 10% of the pilgrims come from the direction of Danta Ramgarh.

List of Important Festivals

1. Fagotsava (Falgun Lakkhi Mela)
2 Janamotsav
3 Shukl Paksh

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