खाटू श्याम मंदिर खाटूश्यामजी सीकर, Khatu Shyam Temple Khatushyamji Sikar

shri shyam mandir committeee khatushyamji

Shyam Mandir Committee manages and organizes the festivals and other important events every year in the village.

The major festival for which the trust is the most responsible body to organize the event is Fagotsava Mela.

Involvement in the Prasad preparation, barricading, cleanliness, temporary arrangements, water facilities, electricity supply, arrangements of generators, decorations, sound system, preparation of barriers, video coverage, closed circuit T.V., etc. is being done by the trust.

Disciples of Shyam Ji, volunteers and people related to the trust, all participate in the management process.

Shri Shyam Mandir Committee, Khatushyamji Contact Number - 01576-231182, 01576-231482

Mandir committee also provides and involves in the social works like providing widow pension, public facilities, road improvement, etc. and helps to maintain the religious and cultural activities.

From the beginning of this trust, the Chauhan Rajputs have been the Poojari of the temple and are also known as the ‘Sevak Pariwar’ in Khatu.

The offering at the temple made, 15% of which is given to the ‘Sevak Pariwar’ and the rest is used in the temple management programs like Pooja, public utilities, etc.

The protection of movable and non-movable property is also done by the Sevak Pariwar as well.

In 1986, the members of Sevak Pariwar decided to establish a committee for the management of the temple which would be responsible for the Pooja, Shringar, protection of movable and non-movable property named Shri Shyam Mandir Committee and has been registered in Devasthan.

At present, the president of the trust is Shri Mohandas, secretary is Shri Pratap Singh and the treasurer is Shri Shyam Singh.

Objectives of shyam mandir committee

Several facilities for the benefit of general public are provided by the trust; few of them are listed below:

1. Provides help in Gaushalas;

2. Helps for the widow pension;

3. Provides help in the marriage of economically weaker girls;

4. Free health care facilities

5. Provides help for the disasters like, floods, draughts, etc.;

6. Provides the Pooja Samagri;

7. Provides food for the Sadhu-Sants;

8. Provides drinking water for the pilgrims;

9. During the main festival, provides free Prasad and provides free food and accommodation to the authorities involved in the festivals;

10. Provides free books and dresses in the education field;

11. Helps in the tree plantation.

The Mandir Committee organises various fairs and festivals associated with the faith through the year. Chief among these is the Phalgun Mela.

The committee takes care of prasadam, cleaning of roads, drinking water, lighting, temporary lavatories, decor etc. Assistance from devotees, administration and NGOs is taken.

The committee also undertakes certain jobs of public welfare such as widow pension, public conveniences, night shelters, road construction apart from religious and socio-cultural events.


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